We experience a constantly rising demand of water to people, agriculture and industry. Water is getting polluted with growing industries and improper sewage systems which is increasing the demand to secure water for future generations. In this situation, wastewater treatment is not just a regulatory requirement, but is often the most economical and reliable way of generating clean water for reuse. We SAWAS are happy to give better cost effective treatment systems.

RO Systems

80% treatment with only 20% wastage by giving High quality, pure, great tasting water, removing unhealthy contaminants, Reduce odors, improve flavor and eliminate bacteria and other viruses from your water supply

Water Softeners

Water Hardness is biggest worry in our regular life. We have various cost effective options to give soft water by reducing scaling, rusting, reducing hair fall by increasing the life of all house hold equipments and industrial machineries

Filtration Solutions

Water filtration is most important for our health or for any industry as every sources of water that we are getting is getting polluted. We are here to give more affordable filtration solutions to give high quality purified water.

Smart Aeration

Smart Aeration, Optimized design; top Quality membrane high energy saving diffusers drastically reduces operation economics of waste water treatment system.


Operation & Maintenance Contracts

For any water systems either it is STP or ETP or RO or Water Softeners or water purification taking ...

Water Testing

SAWAS never suggest or sell any system without testing your water. We have experts in testing your w...

Spares & Consumables

SAWAS will keep ready stock for any spares and regular consumables for all the water and waste water...


Design and Engineering of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical equipments as per customer requirements thro...